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Hey there, I'm Moon – a computer science student from Spain and enthusiast about coding and music among others. Welcome to my website!

(WIP) You can now check my new blog in blog.moonpyx.me


C++/C: since 2022

I'm proficient in C++ programming and enjoy solving complex problems using this language. I have experience with algorithms, multithreading and data structures.

HTML/CSS: since 2021

I have a solid understanding of HTML/CSS and have used them to create web content.

Linux: since 2018

I have used Linux for some time and have experience with multiple distros such as Ubuntu, Arch and Fedora.


I am experienced with Markdown, LaTeX and Git. I have used MATLAB and R. This year I started coding in Java, Ruby and Assembly.

Additionally, I possess some minor skills in video/photo editing, game modding and I have produced content for Youtube/Twitch.


I currently speak:

  • Spanish: Native
  • English: C1 Proficiency level, studied abroad in the US.
  • German: Beginner. Started my learning journey ... days ago! Check out my Duolingo profile.


Some of my hobbies are:

  • Playing video games: Fire Emblem Fire Emblem cover, Mario KartMario Kart 8 cover, ZeldaZelda cover, Animal CrossingAnimal crossing cover and NieRNieR cover.
  • I have cosplayed 9S from NieR Automata and Dimitri from FE: 3 Houses.
  • Reading: currently reading "Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami.Check out my Goodreads profile.